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Our skilled advisory team is fully accredited and registered with the financial services board and strive to deliver solutions to the needs of our clients. These solutions are provided within the legislative framework of the South African financial services industry.

Structure and support is important and this foundation is created with the assistance of our experienced and capable administrative team. Therefor we believe in running a tight ship and audits on a regular basis failed to prove otherwise.

We proud ourselves that as a team we have industry experience of more than a hundred years, the team is backed by a wide range of products that covers the protection and creation of wealth for our individual, business and corporate clients. Be assured whether its a service on an individual or corporate level, we strive to do our best!

Our Philosophy

As a company we believe that a strong ethical basis and value system is eminent to our success, these include…


Interaction with clients with regards to needs and solutions, this also includes feedback on a regular basis.


We reinforce the need for training to make sure that we exceed the standards expected by our clients and by the industry.


Clients should have access to products, information and an accredited financial adviser to assist them in their decision making.


As a team we treat each other and our clients the way we would like to be treated. It goes beyond the normal please and thank you.


Information is made available at point of delivery and accessible to advisers and clients alike.


As a company we always strive to be open, to understand the requirements of our clients and personnel.


We attempt to be in a position to quickly identify when standards fall below the required levels therefore we are prepared to rectify the failures.

Value for money

Cost is always a factor therefore we endeavor to run our business and deliver our service in a cost efficient way.


The most important factor for us is to thank our Creator for the ability to strive for all of this.

Our vision

To focus on the wealth development and protection of our clients.

Our Services

Our services are based on the financial needs of our clients, individuals, business or corporate companies.

Our values

Values from the core of our business practice and include:

Ethical Practice
Professional Service
Competent Wealth Advisers
Quality Administrative Support
Meeting legislative requirements

Our Products

Business Assurance
Short-Term Insurance
Corporate Benefits
Estate/Financial/Retirement Planning
Medical Aid
Risk Cover
Tax Advice

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