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Managing Director

Managing Director, George Lottering,  ensures that our employees and company targets benefit, our Clients, our Employees, and our Organization

George Lottering


Our Managers, the experts that support our people to ensure company objectives and targets are reached

Deon Winkler

Liezl Diffenethal

Liezl Diffenthal

Compliance & Administration

The Compliance & Administration team makes sure that all terms and conditions are met within our abilities.

Marietjie Appel


Talent Acquisition Specialist

The recruiting department gather only the best candidates for the position to improve our efficiency and professionalism.

Anandi Verster


Human Resources and Finance work together in building a stronger -more effective company. They provide assistance in growth.

Sanet Lottering


Our team of experienced advisors provide a professional service and advice, they assist clients with planning for their future.

This is done with the assistance off a full financial analysis to deliver information and guidance to our clients, delivering the appropriate solutions

Executive Consultants

Rob Hurst

Financial Advisor

Pieter Bosch



Wolfgang Walle

Wolfgang Walle

Llewellyn Coetzee

Llewellyn Coetzee

Neville Du Toit

Neville du Toit

Jan van Huyssteen

Jan van Huyssteen

Johan Rogers

Johan Rogers

Jan Vorster

Jan Vorster

Barend Lourens

Barend Lourens

Richard Rheeder

Anandi Verster

Shoab Hoorzook


Rising Stars

Sarel Fourie

Christiaan Strydom

Kevin van Wyk

Conrad de Beer

Andre Very

Archie Rautenbach

Haupt Feldtmann

David Pascoe

Laura Badenhorst

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