Investment Plan

This product is a single premium investment policy, with a minimum term of 5 years. It allows investors to gain exposure to more than one investment portfolio on the same investing policy.

Investment Plan with Income

This product is a single premium investment policy, with a minimum term of 5 years that consists of two portions:

A single premium investment portion – Preserving Capital

An annuity portion – Providing a monthly income

Offshore Plan

The Offshore Investment Plan is a single premium policy that allows investors to invest their money offshore in a variety of portfolios, using their offshore allowance.

Flexible Plan

Liberty Flexible Investment Plan offers investors access to a world-class investment option that gives exceptional flexibility.  The Flexible Plan introduces the concept of bundling, which allows an investor to purchase an investment plan that group associated policies under one bundle. This allows investors to structure the investment according to their unique financial goals while providing them with access to their money to protect them against unforeseen events and emergencies.

Pension/Provident Preservers

The Pension / Provident Preservers are fund member policies purchased by approved Pension and Provident Preserver Funds to which members of an existing employee Pension or Provident Fund can transfer their accumulated benefits on termination of service, in order to ensure the preservation as well as the continued growth of such benefits. These products protect the benefits in the Pension or Provident fund that the member is leaving, without tax disadvantages and with the option of a withdrawal before retirement, should the member require it.

Retirement Annuity Plan

This product is a single and/or recurring premium investment retirement vehicle allowing a member to provide retirement income and capital upon retirement at their selected retirement age.

Living Annuity

This is a compulsory purchase annuity allowing the proceeds from a maturing retirement fund to be invested in a selected range of investment portfolios. It is a flexible annuity providing an income paid as a percentage of the policy’s investment value. This may be an attractive alternative to traditional Life Annuities.

Recurring Plan

These include plans for retirement, Investment and Education. All of these plans are vehicles that assist you as the client to invest in a structured way for specific goals.

Unit Trusts

We can give you the options to invest in various Unit Trust and LISP products if that is the product  that is required in your financial planning.


Evolve is a new range of products that has been around for a number of years and has certainly delivered the results for both the Clients and Liberty. The product will only deliver returns before any charges is payable on some of the portfolios selected. It is a excellent product that provides multiple options for our clients.